Monday, June 22, 2009

this red monday: paper cut girl

the cute white dog that appeared in a couple of posts (here and here), well, she has left the building. she went back home to the city. but we got this one from her people when they returned from traveling in china.

it's a chinese paper cut out. and i love it. it's extremely detailed and absolutely gorgeous. our friends told us they watched the old man who made this as he cut it out. he was working in the street, incredibly fast and almost instinctive in his movements.


today's red monday will be dedicated to paper cut outs. and if any one masters that, it's heather moore of skinny laminx. seriously, take a look at this "cut tut" and give it a go if you feel your hands are steady enough. or these absolutely stunning news paper cut outs. if i could get a news paper like that every morning, i would totally sign up for it. and there's more, like her cut out for the latest lunchbox cowboys release, so if you're ready to be amazed, go visit now.

and the best part: many of her cut outs are used to create prints on items that can be yours. just take a look at her shop and see if you can make up your mind between all this goodness of tea towels, bags, pillows and more.


  1. this red cut work is amazing ... I love it !!

  2. amazing cut-out. and great links, i'm hooked!

    shame the dog has left you, she looks as if she was taking good care of you, the kids and the chicken... ;-)

  3. My grandmother use to do that type of artwork, but she called it Polish cut-outs! I love the red chinese cut-out.

  4. Beautiful! The details in this is simply amazing! I'm off to visit her shop.
    Have a golden day! xoxo

  5. Wow!! I would love to see that man do his art! Amazing!

  6. What a beautiful paper cut-out!! Very details...
    This is a project I would like to work on next.

  7. What a beauty!!
    And those links are just incredible. I became a 'follower' straight away.

    God Sankt Hans forresten. Det er vist idag den bliver fejret i Danmark. Håber du husker det nœste år ;-)

  8. hold da op, jeg troede et øjeblik, at det var dig, der havde lavet den! virkelig imponerende.

  9. The red girl is beautiful! I tried a cut-out once and it was a big disaster - you have to have the right kind of paper, a very good knife, good control and, most of all, patience! PS I have one of Heather's cutouts on my glass front door!

  10. That is so splendidly beautiful! I wish I had 1/100th that sort of paper cutting skill. The best I can muster are some paper "snowflakes" come winter, or a row of very simple paper dolls holding hands :)

    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    ♥ Jessica