Saturday, August 8, 2009

august 8, 2003

what a ride. so far it's been a joy. some bumps, unexpected sudden turns and great surprises.

a few extra passengers joined along the way, changing the speed and sometimes the route, taking up time and space, but making it so much better.

i cannot wait to see what's ahead of us. somehow it always seems to be just right.


note: i am on vacation most of august and will not be posting or commenting as much as usual.


  1. happy, happy anniversary!

    that's a beautiful photo of the two of you, looking at you on that shot, one can see right away that 'it's just right'...

  2. congratulations! many more happy years!

  3. Happy anniversary (yesterday)! Used to look a lot at this pic, a glimpse of true joy. Hope you get the best of the Danish summer!

  4. happy birthday!!
    and enjoy your vacation!!

  5. congratulations!! what a beautiful couple you are! :)

  6. A belated Happy Anniversary!
    What a wonderful picture of the two of you....pure LOVE!
    ♥ Jeannette