Wednesday, August 5, 2009

summer gift: elderflower drink

when my mom came last month she brought me two bottles of her homemade elderflower drink. i don't think i could have recieved a better present. it was like she brought the taste of danish summer right in to my middle eastern home.

i have been saving the last bit, but yesterday i finally made that glass. the timing wass perfect: we're off to copenhagen to see family and friends, to tour the danish summerland. i am so happy and excited.


i will be posting here and there, and i already scheduled a few posts. but my commenting, posting and internet access will probably suffer a bit. but hey, it's summer, let's enjoy!


  1. Have a great time, sometimes there's nothing better than a taste of home ... right at home:)!

  2. Danmark!! Bare det var mig. Hav en fantastisk tur-glœder mig til nogle danske sommerbilleder!

  3. have a fabulous time!

    and i love elderflower too!!

  4. Ja, hyldeblomstdrik er essensen af dansk sommer :-) Vejret er skønt her i DK lige nu - håber I får en skøn tid her :-)

  5. I love elderflower but never had it homemade...must be delicious!
    Have a fantastic time with your family and friends...a great time in Danmark and enjoy your holiday!
    ♥ Jeannette

  6. mmm, elderflower is one of the most delicate , summertime tastes i know. Have a nice trip to your family:-)