Thursday, August 27, 2009


i am not sure how many days it will take me to settle in back home, to sort things and prep the kids for kindergarten. and just in general get myself tuned in to daily life.

so, just in case, consider this a little interlude featuring my sweet and beautiful younger brother on piano.


  1. lovely picture
    it is so very lovely when your loved ones play he piano
    and sweet beatiful younger brothers are absolutly FAB! [mine is]

  2. I can imagine that's a difficult transit. I love the photo and the tattoos. I have a younger brother too. He's he best.

  3. I like the contrast between the classic piano and the tattoos... it's like feeling the effects of a time machine ! Great photo !

  4. I am quite happy to listen to your brother tinkling away on the piano while you are getting sorted out!

  5. oh, did he play for you?

    i have a piano but haven't played for ages, such a shame...

    hope you're settling back in nicely!