Monday, August 31, 2009

shadows and light

:: from the wood house, my brother's garden, and copenhagen zoo ::


  1. These are wonderful! I especially like the third photo - so beautiful ...

  2. hey, just stopped by to say thanks for coming by my corner, i'll have to come back and do some reading here as well

  3. I love the third one but I just love how you casually go from the great grey rhino to delicate lace curtains... :)

  4. very cool photos!!

    love the beautiful leafy shadow that the standing-up-Rino is modelling, as if it were a great big bow in it's hair.

    THX for joining YOKOSO, I too will join you now, since I just subscribed :)

  5. Love your photos :-) especially the one with the curtains...

  6. So funny. Some of the picture of the shadow on the blinds looks like one shot I have taken at the same time in Israel.
    Thanks for you message. Our trip back was exhausting (delays in Tel Aviv and strikes in France).
    It's raining now and very dark in Paris.
    We can't wait to come back at the end of October.
    Hope you had a nice trip back.

  7. Ahhh, yes. Takes me back to Art classes. Chiaroscuro.

    Favorites: #3,4, and 6

  8. love the third. so wonderful. so peaceful.

  9. OUIIZZ ! im haPPy to meet u!thank u for ur comment! where about do u live in israeL? my best friend lives there ! maybe u cd meet?
    (she's half french half japanese)
    i Love nounours...he put me in a childlike mood.
    I love the wooden house and i would love to live in denmark one day
    taLk soOn`

  10. wow
    love shadow's shots and yours are perfect!!
    have a nice day!!

  11. Love these! Makes you look at something you wouldn't normally notice.

    Happy Day!

  12. for a minute there i thought you had a rino in your back yard! great shots! your old house is lovely! thanks for visiting this month! i´m sending you a big hug! besos-jane

  13. thanks for your great comments! my personal fave is probably the rhino. it looked amazing, almost unreal with those big shadows on the back.

    talking about unreal: #3 was this absolutely stunning reflection from the window in the hall on the wall by the stair case. it would appear in the morning and this window is actually without curtains. the dotted and striped look within the squares appear because the glass is old and not "clean", but you don't really see it when you look through the window itself. funny thing is also to see that there apparently are two different types of glass, as the patterns are so different. it was so dreamy and pretty.

  14. love theses photos. I hope you had a lovely time back home. I know it is always bittersweet to return.

  15. I love watching the shadows, too. It's one of those things you ignore most of the time, but if you sit and just watch them... especially on a windy day... there's beauty to be found. (Oh, yeah, and I love that rhino photo!)

  16. number three is a reflection of the window panes themselves? I had assumed some lace curtain activity was taking place there (never assume, never assume, I know).