Friday, September 11, 2009


we went to the aquarium with the kids on one of those rainy, danish summer days that calls for indoor activities. but i'd have gone anyway. i love aquariums. and i love being under or in the water even more. this aquarium north of copenhagen is pretty small, but they are building a new, set to open in 2012, i believe. it looked amazing from the model displayed in the foyer: partly under the ocean, big, great facilities. that will definitely be on my sightseeing list in 2012.

i already used my favorite photo from this day. it's pic #5 in the white post. oh, and talking about colors, did you see the yellow post from kristina at no penny for them, who joined isabelle from lou et tom in her gorgeous yellowness? i think i just might go yellow myself next week. just need to enjoy another weekend with kids and plans.

wishing you a happy weekend too!


  1. stunning! happy weekend trinsch!

  2. I like your intriguing views of life under-sea!
    Lately I like the feeling of diving under water at the local pool, not much to see though so I can imagine all these wonders:)

  3. Beautiful photographs Trinsch. Aquatic life is fascinating - blows my mind :) It was a treat to wake up this morning and get a burst of color from you photos.

  4. Beautiful photos! Have a golden weekend. xoxo