Monday, September 14, 2009

pretty, quiet, lights out

there was a fire friday night. one of the fields next to our little village (moshav) had set on fire. everything is crispy dry these days, so it happens easily.

not exactly sure why, but for some reason the electricity was cut off during all the balagan (a lovely hebrew term for mess). so, as the evening darkened we pulled out the candles. the boys were amazingly cool about it, probably too young to get scared from the darkness and the shadows of the candle lights playing on the dark walls.

it was pretty, it was quiet, and the stars on the sky were so clear, as no light from earth faded their shine.

we went to bed early. and then, just after midnight, the light came back on in the bedroom. it had been left on as we had tested the electricity in the afternoon. for a second i thought it was morning, and it felt really good to be able to just turn off the light and go back to sleep.


  1. Lovely pics!
    Though we don't speak Hebrew at home, we do use some Hebrew words. Balagan is one of them.
    I love "Laïla Tov" too, prettier and softer than "bonne nuit" in French.

  2. oui weLL my friend feLL in Love and then moved there but she just found a great job in geneve and left israeL!so do you go back home often?
    xx gini

  3. i am always looking for new words to describe my mess and 'balagan' is now it! we use a few hebrew words around the house - 'boker tov' for good morning, 'lamah lo' for why not, and 'lo po' for not here. i know, kind of a weird medley of phrases but we like to mix things up in this household. balagan will be an excellent addition to my collection!

    what an interesting friday night you had!

  4. I just love the picture with the bowling pins!
    And had to laugh about the light going back on in the bedroom. Knowing me I would have been bewildered and wondering who did it! :)
    Now I´m off to have a look at the rest of your blog to see what other adventures I have been missing.
    ♥ Jeannette

  5. Oh, I like these photographs - candle light is so special, I remember as a kid thinking it a real treat when there were candles!

  6. Hope all was safe! I think we should dedicate 'candle night' every so often... romantic and fun!

  7. So pretty! There's just something special about being without electricity for a while (makes you realize how dependent you are on it)

  8. lovely images... i think i shall cut the electricity tonight.... besos-jane

  9. this all sounds so fun and cosy:-), a lovely adventure for the boys too!
    Hope there was not to much damage because of the fire.

  10. We have many power failures in winter (bad weather, not fires), and candles are part of our routine (nice ambience light, but not enough to get much done)