Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a beautiful day

thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comments to yesterday's post. i am feeling much better today. it really isn't that bad, N and J, our twins, just don't follow the ordinary road, but their situation is not ordinary (is anyone's really?), and so this is our road. and like any other road, it has bumps too.

i have new energy now. sometimes it helps just to talk about it. i got some advise, but most important - and like many of you mentioned - the thing is to love and support children as they are, where they are, right now.


we're still in a heatwave, but since yesterday the air smells like rain. no sign of clouds on the blue sky though. not even pretty clouds like on that photo above. from denmark, clouds over oeresound, the water between sweden and denmark. what a beautiful day.


  1. Look at the sky. Today blue. Tomorrow white clouds. Sometimes grey. It can change every minute.
    If there are moments in life you have to solve problems, look at the sky. It will change to.
    Have a nice week. And thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. i love the moment before rain breaks. I love the smell, the silence, the eerie feeling hanging in the air. its spooky but you know you are safe... glad you are feeling better

  3. Don't worry... Have a peaceful day and much love for your kids !!!

  4. So happy to hear you're feeling better... j.

  5. This picture of the sky is amazing!!!!
    Real glad to hear that you are feeling better today:)

  6. nice to hear you're feeling better now.
    I don't have kids myself, but i think you're a great mom, your boys are looking very happy anyway :-)
    I aways wanted to know how it must feel to be a twin, sometimes i think it is beyond our comprehension; but i can imagine they still like to be in their own little world for a while. It must be cosy :)
    the photos are super!

  7. I think we all go through times like this. The funny thing is that as time goes by the problem goes away and when we look back we wonder why we stressed about it so much. We are a bilingual family and my boys all spoke later. I don't have twins, but with them being premature and twins I am sure they have their own little world. I would talk to your pediatrican and see if they might need speech therapy. I wouldn't worry about it too much Einstein didn't talk until after he was 3.

  8. That reminds me of the cover of the album, It's A Beautiful Day.

  9. Glad to read you're feeling better!
    and the big pictures are freat i have to puzzle that out.


  10. you are obviously pouring a lot of love and energy into your boys. they will come along. we happen to have a lot of boy twin friends in our neighborhood, and they always seem to take a bit longer than the other kids to do certain things. 3 languages? you forgot the fourth-the secret language between twins.

    sending you hugs.

  11. WHat a spectacular sky...paint-worthy.

    My sister-in-law has boy twins, also premature, also not communicating well yet. They just began speech and development therapy recently.
    But really, it is just a question of what your "normal" is. Everyone is different, for different reasons.
    Our own daughter has therapy once a week herself,and that has just been a part of life for us from the start, since she began a series surgeries for her cleft lip and palate shortly after we brought her home. Since we chose this particular medical need when we adopted her, this is all "par for the course" for us. It's our "normal", as are the years of surgeries she'll undergo in the future. There are rough days (the days after a difficult surgery) but the vast majority of the days with her are so dazzlingly beautiful and joyful that it hardly matters.

    Hugs to you!

  12. Yes, it often helps to put the thoughts into words. And maybe important to remember when throwing yourself out there - what an enormous support ones words can be to other parents/people. Bringing us closer in our worries.
    So happy your mind is easier today.

  13. ..and I love the bigger pictures.

  14. I hear ya, sometimes it seems like life is full of speed bumps. Hope life gets a little more smooth for you and your fam. That's a beautiful picture.

  15. funny ! I post some sky too today...I love your clouds...An I'm happy that I discovered you today...


  16. some days the rain pours and other days the sun shines bright :))


  17. i read your post about the twins some days ago and i can fully understand how frustrating it must be, not being able to help them when it comes to socializing with other kids. glad you are feeling better today - sharing helps! those clouds really do look like øresund clouds : )