Sunday, October 25, 2009


they adore their two cousins in denmark. they love to play with them more than anything, and when we visit denmark they are together most of the time. i wish these beautiful and sweet girls could come and celebrate their birthday with us this week. they will be!

my brother is planning to visit in the spring. it's been a while he and his family were here last, and they never visited us in the new house. still a long time to go, but i am looking forward. it will be so much fun.

sunday is my monday, so my week already began. a week of birthday celebration and the week of a good friend's wedding.

wishing you a happy sunday.


  1. That's one of the big problems with distance: cousins who are far away. Cousins make the best play mates (I see your twins happily playing with their cousins!).

  2. These are great shots! I love the first photo. She is so cute!!

    Happy Sunday! Ooops, Monday!

  3. Happy Monday on Sunday, and have a great week of celebration... xo.

  4. what a beautiful girls! wauwie!
    ward most love to play with his cousin also. they really love eich other big time

  5. Have a great time !!! and what a beautiful little girl on the first photo !!! Bise

  6. Looks like they had lots of fun together. And those girls are just beautiful!!
    Happy birthday to your boys!!

  7. The first photo is great.
    Happy birthday to your boys!!!

  8. Oh goodness these are so sweet! Your week sounds busy - I hope it goes well. xo

  9. i'm also already looking forward to spring ;-) do you miss denmark a lot? my week starts right now. here. with my morning coffee and your post. have a wonderful day*

  10. Have a wonderul time, Trinsch! Happy birthday to your precious Boys!

    I love your shots, especially the first one.

    Best wishes,