Saturday, October 3, 2009


i think i love everything about this video. and i mean everything. the music, the words, the drawings (oh, those animal drawings...), the storytelling, the photos, the colors, the collage art clipping, the low-budget creativity.... everything!

via lizzie of the inspiring and beautiful, the lulu bird.


thank you so much for your beautiful comments to my white corner view. they made me happy.

wishing you a very happy weekend!


  1. Merci, merci... c'est génial ! I think to Bob Dylan and I love this... Bises

  2. This is great Trine! Thanks for posting.

  3. Love his voice ... this song is perfect to start the week end

  4. Trinsch, it's 7am in the morning and I'm slowly waking up, drinking my tea and getting ready for cleaning the house! This was just the perfect way to start the day :-) Thank you.