Sunday, October 4, 2009

the zoo in the zoo

we went to the zoo in copenhagen. it's a sure winner, the kids love it. this was in the beginning of the vacation, though, and they were all recovering from or just about to get sick. N was with a cold, J would get a high fever that same evening (and begin antibiotics. again). and little D woke up the next day with a serious cold.

those of you who read my blog back in july will maybe remember that we had an awful month of sickness, throat infections and antibiotics. it was really one of those month that you think back and wish you won't have to try again. and it continued into our vacation in denmark. J ended up with three (3!) rounds of antibiotics within two months! not sure if i ever told you, but the whole disaster was because of mononucleosis. and this mono thing... it's a real pain in the ass. he's immune system was really bad. anyone with a bug would just have to look at him and bam! 2 minutes later he'd have a full blown throat infection. he's been ok for more than a month now, so we hope it has passed. the doctors told us he could be weak and tired and easily get sick up to 2-4 month after a mono infection.

anyway, back to the zoo. i love the tropical house with giant butterflies flying freely around. the penguins are so sweet too. and then, last photo, me and the boys. they look calm and quiet, right? but don't be fooled. i think i would like to call this afternoon trip 'the zoo in the zoo' (whereas my life in general is just 'the zoo')


  1. That last shot is darling! Your little guys... so cute!

  2. poor little sore-throated guy!

    great shots, and i agree with mod mom about that last one, such sweetness.