Tuesday, October 6, 2009

so come on and dance with me

i cannot figure out whether i like this video by girls. the song itself, hellhole ratrace, is so so good. i'm completely hooked (yes, i know, it's not exactly new, but new to me ). i am right now working myself through some of their other tracks. but this video... sweet, tragic, cool, sad were words that all crossed my mind as i watched and listened. and i'm still not sure. maybe all at once. but i like it.


bonus info: girls is a duo consisting of christopher owens and chet ’jr’ white. they met as christoffer owens was living the streets after he fled the californian cult children of god at the age of 16 (known because they supposedly encouraged sex between children and adults). at some point he met white, a music producer, and girls came to be. this little piece of bonus info is not just to feed my inner sensationalist, but it just makes this peculiar mix of young tragedy and innocent happiness, that are mixed up so strangely here, even stronger. i would love to hear what you think...

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