Thursday, December 10, 2009

beach. and bones

we went to the beach the other day. with mormor and morfar (grandma and grandpa in danish). it was crazy wonderful. as it usually is. i cannot think of anything that can just clear my mind and brain like an hour or two at the beach. especially this time of year. as much as i like summer days at the beach, these israeli winter days, where the sun is strong enough to warm you, but still leaves the air fresh and clear, these days i think i like a little bit more. the high sea, the amazing colors, the white foam, the air, the light...sigh... it's true love.

a couple of weeks back we went right after a little storm. and we found these huge bones. the kids loved it and obviously had to bring them home. you know, it's not everyday you find dinosaur bones at your local beach. so we took them home. and i actually think they are gorgeous, because they have been in the sea for so long. they are completely whitewashed and smooth, and their shapes are interesting. but what is it? anyone out there in blog world who knows about bones? is it from an animal in the sea? a dead cow? (just, please, please don't tell me it's human...). beside that joint looking thing in J's hand, we also found these two long bones. first is around 30 cm, second around 40 cm.

and then there is this one. it has a very strange shape, but it really does feel like a bone. what could that be?

and as you see, the weather still makes it hard to believe it's soon christmas, but i cannot say we don't enjoy the nice and warm weather. what are you enjoying these days?


  1. oh wauw
    and sublime..! the sea...
    and those bones!
    MUST be dinosaur!! defenitly! ;D

  2. oh, i love bleached and sand smoothed bones. so lovely. it is 30 below zero windchills and feet of snow all around. a warm beach woudn't be too bad right about now!

  3. You have made my day with the ocean views. It is minus 15 with the wind chill, inside (alas with no wood stove) it is 59 degrees, and a bit much for this Bonaire-At-Heart soul...sigh. I dream on with your photos instead.

    Really nice pictures of your children.

    Looks like a small rib from a waterborne mammal.

  4. I am almost hyperventilating, I am so excited! Those are wonderful bones and I wish I had found them! My guess the first one is part of a whale vertebrae, the second ?, and the third ??. Oh Trinsch - you are so lucky to have found those...

    And I must say the color of the ocean in the first photo is so beautiful there are no words... :)

  5. What amazing discoveries! I think Janis may be right about the vertebrae, and perhaps the other two could be ribs? (they have been known to sort of go ashray in history) I love the sea & the beach in all seasons, but over here we enjoy them most in winter, when the crowds are safely back in their far away homes.
    Thank you Trinsch for your comment, I've been trying to find the right words to reply and thank you ... I know you know ... thank you. Hugs.

  6. thanks for the ballad on the beach ... and great finds !!

  7. Wonderful!!! So exciting to have found these:)
    I love the pictures with hand of your son.
    The hands of the kids are so moving :)

  8. Hmmm. No idea what those could be! I felt that way about winter at the beach when we lived in Florida. It was my favorite time of year to be sitting on the sand! I actually did a painting called "Winter Beach" in honor of it.

    Can't wait to see more Jerusalem pictures!

  9. I am so sorry I can't give you any info about the bones. But I will tell you that I agree with you: they are beautiful.

    Also, your photos are lovely and the sea looks amazing. I can almost smell the salty air from your photos :)

  10. The color of the sea, the whiteness of the bones and the shape of them!
    you are one lucky lady!
    with so cute kids :)

  11. Great bones, and great weather! I't freezing in Holland.

  12. that last bone is so cool! i suppose it's something from some kind of sea creature. :-)

    i think it's in your danish genes to love the beach in winter. i mean, it's never THAT warm on a beach in denmark. :-) so maybe it reminds you just a titch of home. :-)