Tuesday, December 8, 2009

in the city of gold

we took the day of. the kids, my parents and i went to jerusalem to meet D's younger sister who lives there. we walk through the old city bazaar. it is an absolute tourist trap, especially religious tourists, but nevertheless, it's fascinating and there are so much to look at. we made stops in some churches and at the wailing wall, watched the amazing view over the "city of gold" as the sun set and reflected in the yellow sand stones of the city and the gold of mosque roofs, giant menorahs and crosses reaching for the sky.

it was a great day. there's no traffic in the little streets of the old city and it's a colorful potpourri of race, ethnicity, culture, religion and ages - people as well as buildings.

we are exhausted now, in our minds, bodies and souls. in the good way.

more photos to come...


  1. That first picture is just beautiful...! I would love to go to Jerusalem!

  2. If nothing else, places like that are fantastic photo ops!
    well done.

  3. I need something like that for my necklaces!

  4. the old city in jerusalem is so magical, i love seeing these pictures.

  5. Very beautiful!
    Really want to see more. xo

  6. yes, beautiful!
    i have only been there once-
    maybe someday again :)

  7. love the photos, one day... i want to go there too

  8. Even if it's a tourist trap, it's looks great... Beautiful ! Have a great week.

  9. Love your title "City of Gold". I have one of the large bells (hangs in our garden)in your photo.

    My one friend has started me on collecting rosaries. I didn't even know I was collecting. LOL... but I do have a nice collection and keep my eye out for them now when I'm on the hunt.

    When I travel I like to go off the tourist routes and hang with the folks from the area. Very nice my friend!

    *** I received a WONDERFUL package in the mail yesterday right before I had to go to the hospital for a test. The BEAUTIFUL bag came in handy! I'll write you an email later. I'm off to work. THANK YOU!!*** xoxo...

  10. The bead photos are beautiful! What an experience, I'm sure!

  11. you really captured the essence! i´d love to see more! besos!