Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pretty and clear

ok, it's official. i have succumbed to the aesthetics of the blogospere: i color sorted my books! now i just need a keep calm and carry on poster, and i'll be a fully accepted citizen of blogland ;)

ok, seriously, i was washing down the shelves yesterday and decided to try. i must have a librarian hidden somewhere inside, cause it was hard for me to let go of alphabetical order, genre and the like. this little librarian shook her head a few times in the process, so let's see if i can get her convinced. sadly for her, i am also not very good at thorough cleaning and organizing, so i am afraid it will take a while to get the books back to alphabetical order - if she manages to convince me instead (that this doesn't make any sense. at all. except it's pretty).

but, how then - if i am really a little bit lazy when it comes to cleaning projects - could it be that my windows are shiny and spotless? oh, that would be the mother (taking a well deserved break at the table after a day of cleaning my windows). and look at those big flower pots there on the outside window sill: that's my replanted flowers and pots. she did that too.


  1. lovely. please don't get a keep calm and carry on poster. your windows are super-clean, lucky you!

  2. haha!
    i looove colors and always put the colorpencils back in rainbow order, but my books..
    i thought about it several times, but nop.
    to much a librian as you called it. just not possible to mix everything up.
    [worked for 6 years in a bookstore, danst help either...]
    so i keep it to the pencils. and fabric ofcourse!

    the posts below are lovely too. the beach!
    aaahhh the beach....

  3. Oh I love this photo in the window: the reflection of your dining room, you and your mother.

  4. your color coded books make a great picture. but i absolutely love the picture of your mom!

  5. The book shelf is impressive, I tried to do the books by colour thing, it wasn't successful. Beautiful pictures, lovely post. Aren't visiting mothers great when it comes to bringing some domestic order to one's house.

  6. i love the reflection image. i'm an alphabetizing or color organizing kind of person. although sometimes i will try something different and my brain just won't let it stay... like angled tables or something. ;) but color sorting does look nice!

  7. Oy vey Trinsch, it's blogitis! Don't give into it!

    The photograph outside the window is amazing, a real treasure. Your home looks so warm and inviting. xo

  8. trinsch, how lovely to have your mum on a visit!
    here we go...

    1. oh that is very handy. usually the same here, but my boyfriend actually likes licorice..

    2.and still, with each seventh year it is supposed to change drastically no?

    3. maybe...one day

    4. once someone DO get to touch them,i simply love it too.

    5.i just read it. what a spooky story somehow. very strong. it happens to me sometimes, this feeling that you can't move or do anything to wake up. and i can never tell i am awake of dreaming. but my body doesn't react to any of my brains desire to move it-

    6. it is annoying if you want to lick the plate. for the rest, i hardly notice. sometimes i bite it by mistake. not often. most of the time i forget its there.


    about the environmental awareness, i hope for the same. and try to do my little best to make small changes. we for instance have a compost toilet, and collect rainwater, grow some of our own veggies, reuse stuff etc etc

  9. love your home and would love to see more photos

  10. ;-)))))))
    So your special gest is your mother!!! enjoy!
    and not only for your clean windows ;-)

  11. Yay for moms and colour sorted bookshelves :-)

  12. My mom does the same too, when she's here she cleans my windows. And it's so nice to be able to see the outside sharp and clear ... for a little while, at least:)

  13. your shelves look great ... (and unfortunately the rug on my today's post is not mine, it is Anna Emilia's picture !!! too sad !!)

  14. My inner librarian still can't let go of order by genre, but my inner artist wants to organize by color, too... it does look lovely :)