Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birds on a wire

i saw this a while back on the amazing geninne's art blog. it's quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs these days, because she's got so much good stuff over there. and she makes amazing art and, i just really like it. anyway, quite a few times when visiting i'd go back to the post featuring this clip, because, well, take a look yourself and tell me that it doesn't make you feel good and plain happy.

the music is from the movie amelie of montmartre, which (and really, my face is blushing from the embarrassment) i did not see. yet. this was the final drop, though, and it will go on my list of movies that i have to watch really really soon. any other good movies, new or old, you know about?


  1. Hello,

    you really should try and see the movie, it will definitely make your day.


  2. oh i love this clip of the birds! Lovely!

  3. It is a happy clip and the music wants to make me dance. Thanks. xo

  4. you *** girl! go see amelie! TONIGHT!

  5. oo amelie...that movie!!! See en discover...

    Good movie? As it is in heaven!
    Have a nice movie evening!

  6. I love this video and Geninne's blog too!

    ps. Funny you should mentioned Amelie...I saw it ten years ago today on Mar 3...I know this because the movie, which is my favorite, fell on a very special date (B-day shhh) You must see this movie, it is very special...

  7. Flot video! Minder mig om 'Sort sol' ude ved den danske vestkyst (når alle fuglene letter for at flyve sydpå og dermed skygger for solen). Fantastisk syn!

    Pssst, har heller ikke set Amelie....

  8. I love the video. Hurray get the movie Amelie! I can watch it forever.