Monday, March 8, 2010

stop motion

found via P.K. of the always surprising and beautiful blog, dill and parsley.

and if you like stop-motion video, then check out beth orton's shopping trolley music video too. it's not so new, but still awesome. if for nothing else then because she actually gets to live in a tree!

found via lulu of the sweet lulu bird.


  1. That was beautiful, stop-motion video is new to me. Thank You Trinsch!

  2. Thanks for the mention Trinsch. I love this one as well. So well done. One can get addicted to the images and music.

  3. These are such gems...I have loved Beth Orton for years and was tickled to see this for the first time.

  4. this is my week of beth orton. i just got to know her, a few days ago. and she keeps popping up.
    do you have your own veggie garden? it looks amazing. i love those green spirals. when i lived in another kibbutz in the north, i used to have loads of those outside the window. and id love to drop by for tea and mojito someday! :)

  5. the lost things video is amazing ... thanks for posting it and have a great week end !!