Thursday, April 22, 2010

big blue

more photos from eilat. i had planned to make a corner view yesterday about water, the theme was earth day and i thought it would be a great topic. but life is really hectic here these days. not in a bad way, but all this vacation doesn't leave much time to blogging. or to flickr for that matter (such a hard life ;).

first my friend came, then it was pesach, followed by a week of catching up with life and work. then we went to eilat, came back, had a couple of days off to celebrate yom haatzmaot, the israeli independence day, and then my little one got sick. you know, life just happened quite intensive for the last three weeks.

so, no corner view yesterday, but that shall stop me from celebrating this amazing, big, blue element.
in eilat we went to see dolphins and to the underwater aquarium. then of course we just hung out by the pool, mostly the kid's pool, and D did some windsurfing. and we went snorkeling - it is the red sea after all.

for a more serious post on the water issue in this specific (middle eastern) part of the world, i wrote this corner view a while back. and for more corner views, just go visit jane of spain daily.

i will try and get back into my usual blogging schedule and i will definitely put aside some time to catch up with all the amazing blogs on my blog roll. but first, time to have a weekend, quiet, at home. see you next week.


  1. Your vacation looks wonderful. I would like to be dipping my toes in that water right now! Enjoy your different kind of busy time away from blogging and flickr etc, it will all be there when you are home again.

  2. It sounds and looks (oh, that blue blue water) like you've been the very best kind of busy ;-)

  3. Spring here is a busy time for us too, but it is a joy to be working in the yard.
    Enjoyed your photos of your family enjoying life!

  4. Hope your little one is well. Enjoy your restful and relaxing weekend!

  5. amazingly pretty

    lovely vacation

  6. True and beautiful blue! Looks like you are having a busy and fun time with family and friends and this is what is important. I hope your little one is OK. xo

  7. i have heard spectacular things about eilat and now i see they are true! what glorious photos!

  8. hope you are going to get some rest!
    enjoy your weekend!

  9. the fish photos are stunning!
    enjoy your time off!