Wednesday, April 14, 2010

friends & family

it was good to see friends over pesach. the weather was great, we did bbq and went to the beach. good times.

except for that one day where we went to the beach. we did that several times, but this specific day sucked. the kids were cranky, then some of them got a wrong ice cream (which got me irritated cause i told D to get the same for all), and we spent a lot of time recovering from that and other really important issues. you know, just pretty much down hill from the moment we left the house. by the time we headed home things seemed to have settled a bit, so we thought we'd stop by this place on the way back. bad idea! i spent the entire meal power struggling with N about stupid things. because i guess, by then, i was a bit agitated and i wasn't really seeing anything in the right proportions anymore. do you know this feeling? to feel that you just need to win, while simultaneously knowing, that there is no such thing as a winner in these situations. that you chose the wrong time and the wrong reason to state an example and draw the line, and that this is exactly the reason why you just cannot let go.

yup, we have those days too :)

the blond beauty, the baby and the big boy in the hammock are dear friends. they used to live here and my boys spent most days with their oldest son. they now living in hong kong and we miss them a lot, so it was so good to see them over pesach.


we decided to go to eilat and the red sea this weekend. D and i have not been there since the kids were born, and i already made them super excited by telling them about the dolphins. maybe i'll even find the time to go scuba diving again. didn't do that since the kids were born either.


  1. Oh Trinsch I know that feeling, it's the worst and you just want to stop but you don't, you just dig deeper and deeper.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time, most of the time(:
    I am loving seeing your summer, it makes me so excited!

  2. You really had a wonderful time. I can tell by all the smiley faces. It is fun spending time with friends under the sun. xo

  3. Oh yes, "to feel that you just need to win, while simultaneously knowing, that there is no such thing as a winner in these situations". I work hard on not subjecting my boys to arbitrary rules in the 'because I said so' or because I just don't feel like dealing with it now kind of thing. Sometimes it just squeaks in there no matter my efforts. ;)

  4. There is no better way to spend a day then to spend it with family and friends. Have a great week.

  5. Yes! I totally understand those strange and down hill days.... and then I get cranky ... very true ;^)

    The photos look like you had a wonderful time and I would have never guessed otherwise!!!

  6. oh yeah, one of those. i guess it gets even more emphasized when you have kids.
    and it usually happens when you've been pushed too far, by yourself or someone else. have a good time in eilat!

  7. these are happy happy photos!
    enjoy eilat (i've been there just once)

  8. I know that feeling that you're not totelly yourself. Today I was shopping and I had the feeling that many people who looks strange at me or something deserve a strike from me.I was very hawkish today. Nothing for me but sometimes nice also. By the way ..the pictures are lovely!

  9. I feel the need to "win" a lot...But it seems I am trying to come from an honest place, so I am right, right? :)
    Lovely photos.
    I hope you all enjoy Eilat and the red sea...