Sunday, April 11, 2010

making me happy right now

:: our little fig plant growing so fast. soon it's time to set him free

:: celebrating a baby boy (each his/her own way ;)

:: that i have less than 200 squares to go (plus a couple of white rounds on all of them, and then the connecting of them all. no sweat - i believe it'll done by fall 2013)

:: little coriander seedlings. i really really hope i - for once - can make these grow into big, tasty coriander plants. so far coriander has been my green challenge. if you have any advice, please feel free to share :)

:: pretty little easter eggs from my mom. which i forgot to put up for easter, so now they have a little post easter time to flash their prettiness (just too cute to pack away without having enjoyed looking at them at all, right?)

:: left-behind toys looking poetic and all alone in the afternoon light. especially when some kind of beam me up, scotty-sun ray appears in the photo. i think he wants to get back up on his space ship real bad - look how tense he is...

:: a beautiful bracelet, a gift from my friend

:: heart-shaped buns made by morfar (grandpa), fresh out of the freezer ;) warmed and served with butter.

what is making you happy these days?


  1. Granny squares and chubby toddler hands=love!!!
    The rain quietly 'drumming' against our windows makes me happy right now :-)

  2. I loved seeing that little hand reaching for a warm bun!
    I'm still happy from a long walk in the woods with my eldest granddaughter, Amanda, just She and I with our cameras!

  3. oooh, this lovely little hand...

  4. the picture of the toys left behind is "une merveille". i love it!!!
    and i love your list of things making you happy!

  5. lovely. as ever. sorry i mistook your friend for you, silly me, you don't even have dark hair do you?

    anyway, things making me happy are;

    seeing all the salad and sugar snaps growing in our poly tunnel (actually, our coriander is in the poly and doing super-great, surely you can't fail with the kind of weather you're having?)

    being outside for the whole day

    all the yellow flowers, sunny even on a cloudy day

    having a new book to read

    holding hands with Iris

    thanks for making me think about what makes me happy. X

  6. there is a sunshine award for you on my blog :)

  7. coming here always makes me happy. The birds song in the morning and evening fills me with joy and the fact that spring is here!! For coriander you have to continuously replant, it goes by fast, it is not like basil where it lasts all summer. I find it goes very quickly maybe planting seeds like a week or two apart would help, so you can harvest at different times.
    Oh I can't wait to dig in the dirt!!!

  8. Those heart-shaped buns look so delicious, but seriously - I might bypass them and nibble on those baby hands instead. How adorable!

  9. Beautiful!
    Today I tasted real macaroons for the time! :) Very happy about that. The cafe is close to my home too...

  10. Visiting here made me feel happy:)
    I agree with Janis- all your images are beautiful- but those fat little baby hands -too cute!

  11. The crochet blanket is going to look great, are you matching the colors are as you go along?

  12. what a lovely post! i can see these things makes you happy... i am still extremely impressed by the crochet work! and the no stress attitude.
    have a great week.

  13. I love all of these, but my favorite is the Playmobil toy shot. Amazing --

  14. the blanket is coming along very well! love the last shot.

  15. Right now your blog is making me happy. I loved the lonely little toy and his Star Trek moment... and the Easter eggs. Of course you must display them! They are too pretty to hide away for a whole year.

  16. the picture of the wine glasses next to the avent bottle completely stole my heart. if that isn't a balance of life, i don't know what is!

  17. The squares are called mormorsrutor in Swedish. What do you call them in Denmark? I did like 10 a couple of months ago. Seeing yours made me want to get on with it again.