Saturday, April 10, 2010

lemons in various ways

when my friend was here we made lemonade from our lemons. it was a little factory, and yes, we did use child labor - but i think they liked it.

luckily she brought havannah club (i might have hinted that it could be useful - you know, since we have a lot of mint in the garden), so in the evening we used some of the lemons (had no lime) to make mojitos.

my friend left thursday, so we're just the family now. D is working hard again, but should be able to slow down by the end of the week. alas, things are pretty much back to normal.

oh, btw, that was not me with funky shades and great hair in my previous post :) that would be my friend - with her son. and since someone asked, nope, no fish for dinner either. there really aren't any big fish at the shore. sometimes there are good days for bananafish fishing, and it can be nice to grill them. but it's more like a snack, and the kids don't like them too much work with all the little bones).

have a great new week, my friends.


  1. I love your posts, so natural, calming, the ease of your words. Love of family and appreciation of simple pleasures come through.
    Wish I had a lemon tree, we did have lemonade for Easter though, with all 9 grandchildren and 2 of their friends.

  2. How about if I live under the lemon tree? I'll make your mojitos (I learned in Cuba!!) ;)
    I love these photos. A balm (lemon)...

  3. I love how you shared the process and special times you had with your friend and family. I hope your week is a lovely one!

  4. I love lemons and I adore mojitos. I think lemon mojitos sound great -- were they as good as the ones made with limes?

  5. Your first photo is great. It's country and summer essence, and interesting composition. Spring is very, very slowing making its way here. My neighbor's lemons are all black from the fumes of the oil lamps he had to leave all winter long on, to protect his tree from the rigid temperatures.

  6. This post reminds me that I need to do something with our lemons. One year I squeezed/froze so many lemons that it still overwhelms me to think of squeezing more ... Guess it is time to get back on the horse :^)

    Thank you for this lovely post and the photos of a sweet friendship and happy children :^)