Thursday, April 29, 2010

soft light

i like the light in most of the rooms in this house. in the bedroom there are three small windows, but there's always a soft light mornings and afternoons.

but my favorite is the living room. the light through the big corner windows pouring in from noon till the day ends. it's magic. from the harsh midday sun to the soft afternoon light and then - as the grand finale - the golden light of the sunset with a view to deep red sky or purple and yellow clouds.


i bought the pale pink dress in tlv this week when i decided to forget my concerns for a moment and went to have brunch with D. i really like the color and the lightness, but i wasn't sure if i could wear it, though, unless i worked up a serious tan. today i put it on and i think it worked just fine. anyway, if i am not wearing it it will look nice right there in the light.

the candle holder is ikea. i love it, the simplicity, the shape, but it's not really season for candles here. in fact i think a candle standing there in the sun a full afternoon would melt. i once had an entire box of 50 white candles from ikea melt into one big block after i left it in a sunny corner of my previous living room.

have a beautiful weekend, my friends :)

ps: to those of you who read my posts earlier in the week i would once again thank you so much for your feedback. things have calmed down and so has my mind. i will keep you posted.


  1. your house looks so light and clean! how do you manage it with three boys? i am awed!

  2. Beautiful calm shots too...
    Lovely dress. Perfect for any skin tone I think...

  3. I see what you mean, by the soft light on the table. Your dress is lovely and the post is lovely!

  4. These remind me of Denmark. Something about the simplicity and the light.

  5. Glad you took some time for yourself, to go shopping and have a date.

  6. these blinds makes me think about israel... i can't wait...

    glad you are more peaceful.
    wishing you a great weekend

  7. light is so important. we have too small windows in this house. one of the reasons i don't feel completely at ease here.i can't stay away from the candles. at night, when at least here it is still a tiny bit chilly, a light a few. the dress is pretty.
    have a lovely weekend.

  8. soft light indeed, love the second shot, hi there :), i've been missing all too much lately, glad i made time to visit today. i've been MIA from our flickr group too :( hope to get back on the wagon again soon. have a great weekend

  9. Direct sunlight is so important in a house. Your streaks of sunlight - so beautiful.

    Glad you're feeling calmer. Happy weekend Trinsch... xo

  10. Nej hvor er det en fin kjole!!! Er det tilfældigvis et mærke man kan købe i DK??

  11. I love love that candle holder. I've got one in black and I bought a white one for my brother. And the light, at dinnertime the sun shines through our kithen window. I stand there chopping onions, cooking. It's magical. And also, what a great thing to appreciate the smallest.