Wednesday, April 28, 2010

corner view - animals

we have a rooster in the chicken coop, and we have no clue where he came from. after the chickens went out one day - it happens sometimes if we forget to close the door - we chased them back in. by the time we counted them  - three black, four brown, one white and the two little gray - we saw that there was now a big white rooster too. he must have joined them while they were touring the garden.

this has happened once before. suddenly we found that we had an extra brown chicken in the coop after they had been outside. so strange.

i wonder if anyone is missing them. we asked around at neighbors, but no one seems to be missing a big white rooster. or maybe that's just what they say because they are happy to be rid of him. he's a devil, this guy. he sometimes begins his cock-a-doodle-doo really early. as in before the sun gets up. or maybe he just never stops. i have heard him at two and three in the morning too. and when that happens i get violent thoughts, and seriously consider to make some chicken soup. ok, not really, but i wouldn't mind giving him to someone that will.

he looks mean, doesn't he? last time we had roosters in the coop, the chickens got all nasty and picked on each other all the time. not with this guy, they are behaving really well.- even the black ones that are usually really nasty.

by the way, i was checking what an english rooster says when i was writing this as you might have noticed above. in denmark they say kykelikyy, here in israel they say kookoorikoo. maybe they immigrated along with the eastern european jews, because the polish roosters apparently say the same. dogs around here say how how, which i find really strange for some reason. when a canadian girl a few years back told me that the north american frogs say ribbit, i was all you-must-be-kidding-me. seriously, that is such a weird thing to say. i never heard a frog say that. ever.

any weird talking animals in your part of the world? 

for more animal corner views, please visit this week's corner view hostess, the sweet, golden joyce of  a perfect beginning. joyce is stepping in for jane of spain daily while she is investigating the unique sounds of the mexican tree frog. or maybe not.

cock-a-doodle-doo, how-how and bye bye from here.


  1. Ha ha ..funny. In hungary say the pig: Ruf ruf here in Holland he sad : Knor knor..I think it's fun to explore that differents sounds. I wish that it was for real. Than we have to discover all our lives new animals..just like we grow up.

  2. here, in Perú, the roosters say "kikiriki"

  3. kukelekuuuu for the nasty rooster, he does look mean ... i would reconsider the soup, well nonono, ofcourse not, but he frightens me a bit.

    The eggs on the other hand look so cute, i couldn't eat them.

  4. 'quqquququ ' is what they say here in Malta (Q is that funny hard to pronounce gutteral sound that is also common in Arabic).
    That Rooster does look a bit mean, as long as he is keeping those hens in line I guess but woah two in the morning would certainly bring my mind to some chicken dumplings.
    Noticed you are a fellow Scorpio mum with three children.

  5. Very funny. Isn't it interesting how we all hear the same animals say something so totally different?!
    PS I read your previous post earlier on, I'm thinking about it.

  6. i think they must know its a good home and thats why you keep getting squatters !!! He looks quite a guy, but with a wake-up call in the middle of the night he's days would be numbered around here!!!

  7. ooo. mean nasty look he has...

    but you can now have chicks! chickschickschicks!!!
    we have one nest coming out today! hope al of'em will be fine, will post some pics tomorrow i think..

    [ohw and i DO consider soup with those chickens... they CAN be soo mean..]

  8. Frogs totally say ribbit here. They "croak" too!
    I remember growing up in Iowa, people would dump unwanted animals in stanger's yards. That's probably what happened to you.
    I envy your fresh eggs. Lovely pics as always!

  9. I love this post! like Jennifer said, American frogs do say "ribbit" :^)

    Roosters: cock-a-doodle-doo
    cats: meow
    dogs: ruff-ruff
    cows: moooo


  10. When a big white rooster walks into your coop it's hard not to notice - not very camouflaged. Hee, hee. I love the story ~

  11. this made me laugh.

    what a rooster. - reading all those comments, i noticed that roosters in peru and germany are seemingly speaking the same language: kikeriki. lol.

  12. i have a soft spot for roosters, even bossy ones. ;)

    i love hearing what animals say in other places. i have read a few books where i laughed out loud at the preposterousness of some cultural quirk of sound. :)

  13. Trinsch thank you for your sweet words. I love your egg peeps AND the story of the rooster! This is a hoot! I laughed so hard to know he just appeared one day!! He does look a little tough doesn't he? xo

  14. Hilarious post! I never even considered this before...
    My cat makes noises like a sheep...Baa-baa. This sheep speak has to universal right?

  15. Here in the U.S., most dogs say woof woof... but basenjis (like my dog) say "baroo."

  16. I'm fascinated by all you chicken raisers out there in bloggy world. I'm "chicken" to raise them myself out here in Los Angeles.

    Great corner view!

  17. Isreali roosters and dogs both speak Polish apparently :-). I think this is because most of the founders of Isreal could speak (at least some) Polish, too. Thanks for this nice blog, I like reading it. Agnieszka

  18. I actually think that 'ribbit' is a better frog sound than 'kvœk'. However 'nah nah' (American) for a horse just doesn't make any sense to me, bring on the 'pruh' :-)

  19. Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

  20. In Swedish, Kukeliku. What a mystery. Where did he come from? Will he stay? I'll stay tuned.

  21. Kukkurikuuu in Hungarian, basically the same as Polish, you might be right about the Central European origin of Jewish...

    Other animals in Hungarian:

    buuuu - cows
    vau - dogs
    miauu - cats
    chip-chip - chickens
    gaa-gaa - gees
    niii-ha-ha-ha - horses
    cin-cin - mouse
    haap-haaap - ducks