Sunday, May 30, 2010

against the wall

we had a good time camping at the beach. first day we almost blew away. the wind was quite rough. i have some great photos too, but still have to sort them. i am hopelessly behind in my photo sorting, making my 365 project on flickr a bit of a joke these days. i have the photos though, just didn't sort and upload. one day, one day. soon.

so, it was windy, i tell you. and there's something about wind. not so much the sand in the food, in the eyes and in the tent. it's the way it isolates you, like being stuck in the middle of a giant centrifuge of white noise.

yesterday was warm and with much less wind. i brought my crochet work, sketch book and a book (i'm reading jonathan safran foer's eating animals - it's been hard for me to get started on this book. i'm still flirting with the introduction. somehow, i suspect, it will collide with my love of a good steak).

obviously i didn't touch any of it. is it just me, or do you also have a hard time "doing" anything at the beach?

now we're back and the week started and there's no choice here: plenty of things to do. i have a packed week ahead of me, and some hard decisions to make. yes, still having concerns and worries about what to do for my twin boys in the future. this must be a good example to show, that knowledge, information, research, good advice and talk only help so much.

in any case, i really hope i will finally make my way back to corner view and weekword. have a wonderful week.


  1. have a good week - despite all the challenges ahead! (or simply because of them...)

  2. Welcome back!

    I look forward to your photos. This one is especially sweet.

  3. i've never thought of taping a flower to the wall! so simple, so elegant!

  4. such a sweet photo.
    bon courage.

  5. I love the photo! Wishing you a good week.

  6. I have been out of the loop. Are you trying to decide on school for the boys?

  7. I remember seeing a post of different colorful rolls of tape you had ordered...such a very good use for some of it!

  8. good luck with making decisions. you will find the answers. sooner or later.
    camping at the beach is lovely, i spent the weekend next to the banjas. summer time...
    take care.

  9. p.s did you receive my mail i sent you a few weeks ago?