Thursday, May 27, 2010

beach moments

the beach season has started. actually it's been going on for a while, but may is the official beginning on the public beaches with all day life guards.

we are going beach camping this weekend. it should be fun.


  1. Wonderful. My dream is to live by the beach. I'm a little jealous hearing that your beach season is kicking off. Enjoy.

  2. beach camping sounds great. and your photos have a real summer feeling. like your beach moments and wish you a happy weekend*

  3. Enjoy your weekend! I love the sea at night: the black, black water and the silvery white of the waves. You should have a full moon (I think I saw it almost full the other night), it'll be magic!

  4. these pictures are just wonderful!!!!!!!
    you are so talented at capturing moments of life avec un regard doux et lumineux (sorry for the french: it's friday...)
    enjoy your weekend (i am jealous of course ;))

  5. i am coming back: i love so much these photos!