Monday, May 24, 2010

days and nights in the garden

i think it's pretty clear from the photos what this vacation with the family in our home was all about, no? relaxing during the day, and eating and drinking during the night.

we did go to the beach and we did venture to the city as well, but mostly we stayed at home. there was some reading, talking, a lot of ping pong, bug collecting, cooking and running around.

among other things the menu included bbq and salads, wine and water, fruits and roasted marshmallows, creme brulee and mojitos.


this week is all abut getting back to normal and that's good too. wishing you all a wonderful new week.


  1. love it.....the best
    enjoy your summer, will you be in Denmark again??

  2. sounds feels good... have a beautiful time with your family !

  3. mojitos???
    these photos make me dream of summer and vacations...
    so wonderful!
    we should be in tel aviv the last 2 weeks of August but I did not book our tickets yet. i should though;)
    i would love to meet you in person!!

  4. A perfect way to spend time with the family, your photos put me into a holiday frame of mind. Beautiful.

  5. creme brulée and mojitos, two of my favorites! sounds and looks very good.
    and how great it is to have a garden and a weather that allows to stay outside most of the time.

  6. I've thoroughly enjoyed your photos Trine. So relaxing just looking at them.

  7. It looks so summery there! Love the hammock shot...that is all you need - and a good book!

  8. looks lovely! i want watermelon.. haha

  9. beautiful photos! everyone look so so relax!

  10. It does look wonderful.