Tuesday, June 22, 2010

soft and quiet sting


we have so many medusas these days. i like the name medusa for these. they sting badly, but still i love them. to watch them, something so delicate a perfect mix of solid and fluid. to watch it move. silently, quietly, softly.


today i decided to give up on the 365 flickr project i have been trying to do. it became yet another thing i stressed about, felt bad about, tried to fit into my life. it wasn't meant to be like that, so i had to let go. maybe one day i will try again...

i feel sad, but also relieved. i made it to 150. so that's what i call that flickr set now, 150 days.


  1. I'm not sure I could love a jellyfish of any kind. It must be the photographer in you...

    I think 150 days of photos is quite an accomplishment! But I think it is even more of an accomplishment to know when to let go.

  2. It's sad to hear you're leaving the 365 project but I totally understand the reason. You're so right.

    Take care xo

  3. Oh yes, a combination of beauty and beast! They really are beautiful to watch and hypnotizing.

    I love love love seeing all you photos together on 150 :^)

  4. what a beautiful and great medusas!!!
    365 flick project is sooooo fabulouse!!!

  5. that is an art in life, to know when to quit...
    are they already there, the jelly fish? believe it or not, the sea is five minutes away while i am working in yafo, but i haven't had the chance to check it out/ i once got stung so badly i couldn't dance for a couple of days. my leg was so swollen and painful. but you are right, they are so beautiful to watch.

  6. hundredandfifty is a lot.
    I also love jellyfish. We've had lots of them in the last few years too, they give the boys some thrill when they're in the water, mask on, trying to spot them. We never had a sting, but lots of rushing out of the water!

  7. wow, really evilly beautiful! i just read your post on the 365 discussion board ( and left a reply), i empathize, i'm feeling it too! and it's a fine art, knowing when to let go - i struggle with that.

    i am so glad i can still see your photographs here, i have really loved meeting you and glimpsing into your life.

    take care sweetness X

  8. Its some time since I have seen a jellyfish but that one seems pretty big! I stopped uploading my photos to flickr a while back, I dont have time for it, but continue posting on my 365blog. I think 150 is a lot :)