Monday, July 12, 2010

just like magic

thank you so much for all your thoughts and wishes for light and ease. it always amazes me how much kindness and sympathy there is in this blog world. and even magic. see, right at this time i got a package from jane of spain daily. isn't that just the sweetest coincidence?

jane once wrote about a visit to bilbao. and i mentioned that i would love to go there, see the guggenheim one day. i wrote a paper on this museum, the architecture, the art, the placement back in the days of university of copenhagen. but i never saw it live.

so, she sent me these spectacular photos from another visit to guggenheim bilbao. with a note that she had thought about me while there. seriously. how awesome and sweet is that? it's almost as good as being there myself. or maybe not, but it made me feel good. i had to break open a cold beer yesterday and make a cheer for the awesomeness of blogging and jane and you. cheers.


and about my blues. i'm better. taking your advice, treating myself easy and nicely. it's ok. it's part of life, the way i work.

i think, i will take the kids to the beach today. it's so so hot here. i cannot stand the way the air condition makes me feel all closed up, unable to hear the world outside. so instead i break a sweat. or rather i broke it days ago and didn't stop since. good thing about it is that it gives an excellent excuse to end the day with an ice cold beer. i might have to do that again tonight. but first, the beach. to see the horizon and listen to waves.


  1. You are the ocean girl so I think your intuition has pointed you in the right direction.

    I agree - blog friends are amazing... Have a good week Trinsch. Here's to beers and the sea! xo

  2. I, too, am heading to the beach on this sunny (finally) day in an effort to lift my spirits. I can very much relate to your feelings. Happy that blog love is shining on you!

  3. What a lovely surprise to find in the mail. Beach and ice cold beer would be welcomed here too. To a good week.

  4. so lovely!!

    and beach and a cold drink sounds just blissful... we had around 38°C until yesterday, and no sea in sight!

  5. snail mail , always makes me happy...enjoy

    will go to Denmark this summer, we will be in Tisvilde from tthe 7.8

  6. so glad you feel better

    and yes!
    ice cold beer!

    and yes!
    lovely post from a blogfriend!

    big hug