Monday, August 9, 2010

the two of us

yesterday we'd been married for seven years. sometimes it feels like we just met, other days it's like a world ago. i feel like the same, but then, when i look at photos i see me, but also someone else. sometimes i miss the one i left behind.

i don't walk around feeling older, but i can see we were younger. the skin around the eyes, the smiles on the lips. as much as i love what we have today, i feel a little bit sad when i look at us back then. the time that was, the no return.

to live is a constant goodbye to what was. most of the time i don't think about it like that, because i am busy saying hello, or preparing for new arrivals. that's what makes dates so special. they make us remember, grieve, and appreciate.

so, here's to seven more of both famine and great plenty, for better and for worse. together.


  1. Very moving post.

    So beautifully written (as always...)

    This sentence sums up so well how I feel: "to live is a constant goodbye to what was"

    Thank you for these words.

    And happy anniversary!!!!!!

  2. my, this is touching.
    i don't feel so bad about goodbyes now, it's always nice to discover that you and the other you and all the others are actually struggling with the same themes too.
    thank you.

  3. oh trinsch. you write amazingly! how you find the words to describe what happens within you, and us.
    just like elisabelle above i feel this sentence is so strong, and so much about what is going on here too, in this very moment.
    when are you back again???

  4. Oh Trine, how can you write so well? How can you pinpoint everything with such clarity and such subtlety at the same time?
    Happy anniversary!

  5. yes, i agree you do write so beautifully and eloquently. i am seeing the passage of time very sharply at the moment, it can be bittersweet. happy lucky seventh!

  6. you always write what we all go through and think about, so eloquently. you're a wonderful writer. If you haven't already, maybe it's time you start writing a book?

  7. happyhappy anniversey!

    have many more happy [or shall i say 'good'] years.

    i too, know the feeling...

  8. i know this may sound strange, but i find your words very encouraging. i'm only coming up to a first anniversary with my boyfriend, and reading this lets me think: yes, the good times and the hard times - it all belongs together. that's the fullness of life.

    happy anniversary!

  9. congratulations!!!

  10. Just look at those beautiful three boys you have made with your husband. You definitely belong together, happy anniversary :)

  11. Superbild!
    Och ett stort grattis förståss!!