Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sunny days

we went on a fishing trip yesterday. just D and i. it was a gorgeous day. we have been lucky with the weather, it's been beautiful sun when we needed it. like this saturday when we went camping in the woods with family. it was amazing. hardly saw all the kids all day. just heard their laughs and shouts while they were playing. and we sat around the fire with all the family. cooking, eating, talking. perfection.

yesterday we brought home mackerel, cod and a long fish with blue bones called horn fish in danish, but i believe that's something entirely different in english. anyway, it's very tasty. so last night for dinner we had mackerel on the grill, cod baked on the grill with butter, onions and carrots. and the blue boned fish fried on the pan. because that is the traditional way. served with new potatoes, a salad and creme fraiche dressing with garlic, red onions and salt and pepper. and white wine, of course. what a meal.

thank you so much for your sweet, thoughtful and encouraging comments to my previous post. it means a lot to me. i don't have time to do much blog reading nor commenting these days, but i will visit your blogs as soon as everyday life returns. believe it or not, i actually am looking forward to that. everyday life.

have a beautiful day. we're once again off to the countryside to meet friends.


  1. oh dear, reading about your meal made me hungry - and i just had breakfast...

    have a good day!

  2. I think I know the fish, the bones turn blue once you cook it? Can't think of anything more relaxing than fishing. I'm just too neurotic for it on most days though:(

  3. oh what a feast! that does sound like a fine ol time. sweet summer, eh?