Friday, August 13, 2010

drawing feathers

back to the feathers, now on stones too. there's something very calming and peaceful about drawing feathers. and there's something fascinating and magic about feathers themselves.

the boys know i like feathers. whenever they find one they give it to me, like a flower. so i have quite a collection going on here in denmark by now. will have to set them free soon.

we're going to tivoli now. i equally look forward to it and dread it. but hey, we're in copenhagen, my kiddos are half danish, and we cannot put it off any longer, so here we go. and hey, i can always go home and draw a few feathers afterward to restore the inner peace.


  1. Have a wonderful and safe trip my friend! I too love feathers and drawing them. Many hugs.... xo

  2. Your feathers are so natural, exquisite...