Saturday, August 14, 2010

rain and sea

i like this weather. so dramatic, so heavy and full.

we were visiting friends by the sea, the clouds ca,m with rain, cleared for the sun, changed again and so it went all day. dark, light, dark. we went crab fishing using the heads from the fish we had caught the day before as bait. it was fun. afterwards we released them and saw how they crawled back into the water, digged themselves into the sand.

D will be going back home soon, and little D's birthday is coming up, so i will be busy in the coming days. have a wonderful weekend.


  1. oh, tivoli, feathers and sea! looks great.
    enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  2. p.s i think i asked you somewhere but do not remember the answer anymore,
    do your boys speak danish?

  3. mmmm, a good stormy sky- all grays and blues. it's very beautiful. happy birthday to your little one!

  4. Wow, that first photo is a knock out ... but you know what catches my eye the most?
    Your leggings! - I want them ;^)

  5. wow the first photo is really great, so dramatic. The sea is black! Cool.