Thursday, September 16, 2010

corner view - seven

corner view is back. it took me by surprise. but that won't stop me.

some of you might have noticed that i have a thing with feathers. and recently i have been pleasantly surprised to see feathers pop up every where in the blogosphere. cause really, who can get enough feathers?

here are seven i received while in denmark. i like seven. in fact i like most uneven numbers. my favorite is three, but 5,7, and 9 are pretty good too. i'm pretty indifferent to 1, though. and even numbers don't do it for me. maybe 8, because it's a cool shape, but 2 and 4 are pretty boring. now you know.

oh, and i got the feathers from the kids. they have noticed that i have a thing with feathers too, and they proudly bring me any feathers they find. i must admit that not all of them take my breath away, but generally i love it. that they notice what i like and treasure, weather it's a flower, or sea glass, stones and shells from the shore. it's good to know how to enjoy the little things you come across along your way.

that said, i will now get myself to tel aviv. hopefully i will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and some other city delights along my way.

happy corner viewing - check them all out via the amazing theresa who is hosting it while awesome jane is away.


  1. seven is my favourite number, perhaps I should still catch up on this corner view

    you're right, who could get enough of feathers? yours are very pretty, especially the second one from the left

  2. To be honest, I never gave feathers much thought until I saw your feather art: I love it!

  3. the same here. i like feathers too. and i've a little collection here at home and feathers hanging in the bedroom window. the same at the place where i take yoga lessons. big feathers. maybe it's why i like the place so much. kind of magic. wonderful corner view*

  4. lovely collection! love the fact that your kids are picking them for you.

  5. what a beautiful post.

    hope you had a wonderful time in tel aviv.