Sunday, September 19, 2010

back in july

just sorted through photos the other day and found these from a couple of month ago. we celebrated a birthday for a dear friend on the roof top terrace in tel aviv.

as we tend to do when we have had an amazing time with friends, we promised ourselves to arrange more times with friends. in denmark that was easy, and now we are back we are trying to keep up to that promise.

yesterday was yom kippur, though, so no weekend get-togethers with friends this time. i miss yom kippur in tel aviv. out here on the countryside you don't really feel the difference, where as in tel aviv it's quite spectacular.

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  1. Yes, I used to love yom kippur in Tel Aviv too. My husband is there right now and got to experience the quietness, the carless, the fresh exhaust-fume-free air... I wish every place had a proper yom kippur - or at least a "no cars and quiet day"