Monday, September 20, 2010

summer sun setting

the sun sets earlier now, the light is warm and glowing by late afternoon. we have the craziest sunsets in the garden too. the sky all purple and pink in the horizon.

this is the best time of the year. still hot, but the breeze is lovely and in the evening you feel the temperature dropping. still no need for long sleeves or blankets, but just enough to feel lighter.

the water is hot too, almost 30 degrees celcius. i like it like that. we have sukkot coming up. more holidays, more time at home and time spent with family.and most likely also a lot more time spent at the beach, soaking in these last days of real summer sun and blue sea.

wishing you a lovely week.


  1. i love this second photo!
    and i long for these october days in tel aviv: the perfect weather, the best water, and the wonderful light....

  2. 30 degrees water? That is warm. I think. How on earth do you know? I must bring my thermometer to the beach next time:)!

  3. That sounds so wonderful! Enjoy the last days of summer.

  4. i can imagine. september is a good time. i enjoyed the cooler temperature before leaving.
    and me too, i have been dreaming of a yom kippur in tel aviv. i always experienced it in a kibbutz, which indeed is not such a big change from a saturday.

    like those photos from yom kippur in tel aviv..

  5. mmmmm. lucky you! how beautiful. the light in your pictures makes me swoon.

  6. Hey beauty!
    Sweet shots of the magical time of day.

  7. wow. not jealous or anything now.
    no, I'm not. really. not at all.