Thursday, September 23, 2010

a succah in the garden

we never build a succah before for succot. actually we tried last year, but it crashed four seconds after we had finished it, so it doesn't really count. but this year we were better prepared. we haven't exacty been eating out there, though. it's crazy hot here, much warmer than the usual end of september.

so we build a succah and i made some garlands with old paintings like i when i did these birthday buntings.  i was trying to get the kids in on this too, but they were in this "couldn't care less about decorating the succah" mood. so i ended up doing it myself. anyone ever tried that? to prepare for a perfect kid creativity moment just to find oneself pretty alone doing it. next year, i guess.

anyway, we're off to the beach to bbq with friends and cool down, even if the water is really hot too (the water really is 30 degrees celcius, francesca, and because you asked, i can tell you that i know this, not because i am carrying around a thermometer, but because it's a part of the weather report in the summer. the water temperature :).

ps: those hearts are actually from our christmas decoration stash. thought hearts were pretty universal symbols and could work in a succah as well. thumbs up for mixing up traditions and culture :)


  1. Beautiful! After reading Francesca's post and now yours makes me want to take a walk down to our little beach.
    As soon as I saw your banners reminded me of the ones you made for me that are hanging in our kitchen over the chalkboard. I think of you everytime I see them.
    Enjoy my friend. xo

  2. oh, i howled when i read this! if i built a sukkah it would crash in even less than four seconds! we're going to a friend's house this weekend to build one - the invitation said "bring a power drill." the thought of me and a power drill is a scary one!

    your sukkah looks beautiful by the way!

  3. The weather report! Now I'm all envy: I'm obsessed with weather reports, humidity percentages etc and have one of those clocks that can tell everything ... but not the water temps!
    I hear you on creativity moments with little kids. I remember spending a long time preparing everything, hours cleaning the mess afterwards, and about 10 mins being creative. I think I tried too hard and too often and my kids were just too little.

  4. I love the idea of making garlands out of old paintings, and I love your hearts!