Thursday, September 2, 2010

family shots

one afternoon in denmark, shot by my younger brother. for quite a few years he has been documenting daily life - things, views, buildings, people etc - via his phone camera. i love his shots, and i have tried to make him share on flickr. but so far he's only sharing with friends on facebook. big sigh.

anyway the little brother took these and that's why i make a rare appearance here. with new bangs and colored nails. i never use nail color. not because i don't like it - i love it - but husband really doesn't like it. in the weird really grossed-out way. i am thinking he must have been kissed and hugged too much by some distant aunt with way too much nail polish and red lipstick in his childhood and it traumatized him (he doesn't like lipstick either, though not to the same extent) .of course, i could still put it on, but it's just not the same when your love looks at you with this "yikes" shadow in his eyes. life sure is hard.

anyway, in the weeks i spent alone in denmark i polished my nails all the time. the dark blue from chanel, which was a gift from a friend this spring, was used quite a lot. i had to get it out of my system, you see :)


way back before the summer started, i kept on saying that i would catch up soon on my blog reading and commenting. this "soon" is still hanging in the air. i really have not been very active online. but it might be that  time is coming back. kids are starting kindergarten these days. and i have a month before i go back to studying.

so, see you soon :)


  1. Have missed coming the fingernails!

  2. great shots - maybe your brother will reconsider?

    fab nails too. i know that feeling btw, with me it's not nail polish though, but certain shoes that i love and he hates. sigh.

  3. these candid shots are fab. creativity runs in your family:)...

  4. So glad you made some decisions! Going back to studying is always a good choice when you have the option.

  5. i remember you told me the nail polish situation...
    good that you enjoyed painting them while being 'gräsänka' as we say in swedish. or rather, while d was being 'gräsänkling'....

  6. Beautiful pics! I love the dark colors for nails!