Sunday, September 26, 2010

the great escape

yeah, i know. all my photos are from the beach these days. because that's where all the fun is. still crazy hot and humid.... if we could at least have some chilly evenings, but no, not yet. so thus far we're escaping to the beach when possible. the other night it rained. i was so happy when i woke and heard the sound, thought to myself that the heat would break, the air would freshen. i was wrong. the next morning the hot humidity was something else, it was like walking around a sauna. phew.

ps: no fish got hurt, even if he did hold it quite tight there for a moment.


  1. ah. the beach... not until next year for us.

  2. i look forward to the beach.
    these fish in a jar photos are lovely. what an adventure to observe nature for a moment.