Monday, September 27, 2010

loving right now

:: september sunsets in the garden :: homemade chocolate chip cookies and snacks in the succah :: a cute face under self-cut very short bangs ::

(he must have gotten that from me. i constantly snipped my pigtails and cut my bangs. or let my friends do it. my mom was devastated every time, but i just couldn't help it).

also really loving right now that i have tickets for joanna newsom this thursday evening in tel aviv. yeah!


  1. What a sweet photo, what a sweet post! :-)

  2. I love the list of what you love!
    8 did not know the singer. Cool that you get to go to a concert in Tel Aviv!!!

  3. My boys both had a go at cutting their own hair, usually leaving bald patches here and there. Fortunately, they were brief phases:)

  4. i famously cut my hair off one summer when visiting my grandparents in germany. i've had short hair ever since! it's cute to see kids with self cut hair - they're still so beautiful no matter what they do to their hair!

  5. So cute. Age 4 Sky once cut age 2 Annabel's hair off, and hid it in a boot.