Thursday, October 7, 2010


enjoying the beach. still. they have been saying on the news that the temps are to drop significantly. didn't happen yet though. as much as i love the beach, i am looking forward to a bit of fall. it's in my scandinavian veins, i need a change of season. or maybe that's just my mood these days.

then i could crawl under a blanket and look out the window. even if it is just a feeling, an emotion (cause real life doesn't actually let you crawl under the blanket and stare out the window for very long), then it would be better off with a bit of gray sky and rain outside.

but i guess the sun is good to have out there, shining bright. i have a whole lot of stuff that i need to deal with, and it's hard to get things done if it's dark and gray.

did i tell you i went to see joanna newsom i tlv? it was wonderful. she has an amazing voice, and there's something so adorable about her. sweetness combined with strength.

recently i have been listening to this pretty voice.

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  1. hmm, I'm now not sure about my wishes in the previous post. Perhaps just a little and gentle first rain to wash the dust off those oranges?