Friday, October 8, 2010

it rained today

it rained today.

already in the morning it was in the air. i put on a long-sleeved shirt when i got up at six, for the first time in a very long time. except for the time i spent in denmark, of course.

it started just as i picked up the kids just around noon. everyone were so excited. soon after the sun was out again, and the roads dried up faster than i could have located our rain boots. anyway, it's still too hot for rain boots, so the boys jumped bare legged through the few puddles that were big enough to last through the afternoon sun.

and then we found a few nice things. like this empty beehive and a few little flowers. how i missed the rain.

wishing you a wonderful weekend :)


  1. so excited to hear that it rained!!
    this is the best news from il right now.
    enjoy your weekend.

  2. Rain is a wonderful gift after a long dry spell. Lovely photos!

  3. that first bud is beautiful. what is it?

    how unfair is it, ei. some places flooded and others dry, dry, dry.

  4. The plant in the top photo is fantastic? What is it?
    So lovely photos as always.
    I hope you will have more rain if that's what you long for (we don't have the same kind of problem in Paris;))

  5. love your finds!

    autumn in berlin makes me a bit melancholic - mostly because it gets dark so early. otherwise i've promised myself to make the most of the season and i certainly can't complain today, it's a crisp but sunny day.

    still funny that you should crave for northern climes, while i miss the warm weather...

  6. beautiful pictures - autumnal perfection!

  7. A good rainy day is what everyone needs once in a while. Have a great week!

  8. Beautiful shots. Miss you on CV. Are you still in?

  9. A good rain does seem to freshen things up a bit. Here from the Corner View - checking in to see. ~ Conny