Friday, October 15, 2010

stealing a moment

wow. it's been a week without posting. not even a corner view from me this time round. i have been so very busy. life is rolling by really fast these days, and i have a hard time keeping up with everything.

i am not sure when i will have time for the next post, not to mention find the time to take photographs to share with you. which is also the reason why i am showing you these photos from this summer. they were taken at the zoo museum. i am not sure why i am drawn to bones and nature collections. but i adore museums like this.

wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. unexpected museum moment. stillness around. sounds like a promising weekend of peace, and quiet.

  2. VERY COOL! My favorite things! LOVE!!!

  3. Have a great week, and these photos turned out really well.

  4. that qualifies as a mini-holiday to me. my son and i would love to visit a place like this. we are both complete science nerds and love this sort of laboratory exhibition.

    know what you mean about posting... see you when you're back in the mix. xoxo