Friday, October 1, 2010

little green guy

i don't think i ever showed you this chameleon we had over for a visit on yom kippur. they pop by in the garden once in a while, but this was quite magnificent. they used to be very common in the middle east, but today there are less as they - unfortunately for them - move very slow. this of course make them easy to catch and so, children and others catch them for fun, keeping them as pets.

they really are slow, which is why we had the opportunity to take this guy from the pomegranate tree where he was hanging for a close up examination.he was quite stunning.

and so, after a few minutes we said our good buys and out ways parted.

ps: thanks a lot for all the nice words the other day. i am considering to get a mustache for real now


  1. WOW, what a very colorful visitor you had. I like the look of your little one. Have a good weekend.xo

  2. I always thought chameleons were little critters, more like lizards. I guess I was wrong: they're more like baby dinosaurs! What an amazing animal. I can't imagine they'd make good pets, though, I mean, to pet:) Better left alone in the wild!

  3. He's pretty gorgeous! Love the expression on your son's face : )

  4. this green guy is impressive. inever saw one. have a lovely weekend.

  5. Such beautiful color. Chameleons always seem like little zen masters to me - observing, obviously looking at everything over all the time, slow and steady, no hurry, no judgement, peaceful. :)