Monday, October 4, 2010


there's just nothing better to do. after a long day of playing and swimming at the beach, a tv dinner is just in place. especially if you can have your favorites, chicken schnitzel, fries and tomatoes. obviously it also requires parents that are equally exhausted and in just the right mood to allow this.

they are watching pippi longstocking. pippi means pee, or wee wee in hebrew, thus here she's called bilbil. our dvd is from denmark, though, the old swedish television series with the same danish voice-over i listened to when i watched it as a kid.

that girl just never gets old.


  1. How sweet, these are very special moments.

  2. beautiful boys!
    pipi is fav here too [esp. wth me! ;D]
    [best not to grow up too much hey..!]

  3. Love your boys, Trinsch! They are so adorable! :)

    And you're totally right, Pippi never gets old!


  4. ow, pippi is the love of my life (next to my family.) I used to get dressed as pippi for costume parties a zillion years ago.
    One of my favorite songs is when they run away and eat wild strawberries..
    ow and when I was in Finland last year I could not resist buying a pippi dvd hoping that would make me understand a bit of the language in Finland..
    even that did not help.:)

  5. Bilbil:)
    I read something very interesting once about motherless Pinocchio, the little matchstick girl, and Pippi, but it's a little too long for just now ...

  6. I would love to watch Pipi again. Very cute photo :)

  7. sweetness! and the fact that they are watching pippi is making me extra happy too!