Sunday, October 31, 2010

outside :: inside

what a weekend.

someone recently told me that my blog seem so full of coziness and quiet beauty. well, that might be true, but that doesn't mean my life is all that cozy and quiet.

at least it wasn't this weekend. in fact i'd say this friday was quite the opposite. it was one of those days where i just seemed to bang my head against the wall so many times it left me feel completely worn out and useless by the time it ended. but, as it often goes, the day after things looked brighter and, if not easy, then at least easier.

i'm not posting as much as usual. as i wrote on another occasion, life is hectic around here these days. and as much as i like to say i deal with whatever life throws my way in a strong and practical way, then sometimes i do fall into that abyss of self pity and exhaustion. where you just don't feel you do good. enough.

so, what you see mostly these days, are those moments of quiet beauty that also find their way. it might not be the whole truth about my life, but it does reveal some of those moments of beauty that makes me stop and focus beyond the next task, the next move.

like the early beginning of our hopefully green and lush winter gardening. and my inherited serving dish on the dining table with the first clementines from the garden.

wishing you a wonderful week with plenty of those little moments that make you stop and appreciate the quiet beauty in the middle of it all.


  1. I know what you mean about the quiet moments of beauty and grace that help get you through the other moments. I guess that's what I like about blogging. It helps distill and record those moments.

  2. I expect your winter garden will be quite lush and rich. I'm just grown cabbage and leaks, and hope to make at least one meal out of them:)

  3. i guess this is often what the blog is about. to remind ourselves and others about the tiny little magic moments that are all around, all the time. and i think it is good like that. we can chose to show more of the other sides too, and it would be good aswell.
    it is your choice.
    i think we all do know that there is much more behind. of beauty and hardship.

    i enjoy your moments.

  4. So true, when things get rather murky, it is good to reflect on the brighter things. Capturing those special moments on the blog is a good record that everything isn't challenging. Wishing you a good week!

  5. clementines from your own garden, HEAVEN!!!!!!