Thursday, December 16, 2010

before the rain

from the garden, before the rain while we were still suffering from the unusual warm weather, everything dry, even the air. the boys all had dry skin and red eyes. the lack of water the entire fall has given us pecans tinyer than usual. even the oranges are small, which would be cute if it wasn't for the fact that they are hard as little colorful rocks. sadly there's not going to be much of that fresh orange juice this winter.

tomorrow i'm paking up the kids and flying to denmark. i have a few posts up my sleeve in case i won't  make it to the computer. in that case i'll wish you a personal cyber merry christmas and a happy holiday right away.

oh, i am so excited. there's lots and lots of snow in denmark and the kids have been talking about making snowmen - with carrot noses, of course - for the last week. now i just need to survive a 4.5 hour plane ride solo with three little ones. wish me luck :)

ps. see the lush greens up there? we build a new and bigger chicken coop and made a veggie garden where the old one was. the soil is like magic (thank you, chicken ladies, for that). when i return from denmark our potatoes should be ready. and maybe even the tomatoes.


  1. Så vackert!
    Ja, klä er varmt, Skandinavien är kallt nu!

  2. Oooh the pecans bring back memories of how tasty they were! I actually kept 2 for keepsakes. smile... Merry Christmas my friend enjoy your trip. Be safe! xo

  3. I don't think I have ever seen a bougainvilla blossom so white! is so beautiful...

    Good luck and have fun! Happy Christmas!

  4. Very striking photos, Trine. All of them.
    Hope you find some kind fellow passengers willing to help a mother travel alone with three little kids. Enjoy your time in Denmark. Happy holidays, hugs.

  5. love this pictures. they say it will rain again this weekend, i do hope so.
    and hope you will have a lovely time back home. snowsnowsnow. foodfoodfood. show me(us) some if you can!

  6. have a lovely, snowy Christmas with your family!

  7. so much beauty.

    have a lovely holiday and enjoy the snow! :)

  8. Oooh i love those pictures! i just discovered your blog and these pictures are so so so nice... *