Wednesday, December 15, 2010

inside :: outside

the fire died out, the storm is over. how ironic and sad life is sometimes. the moment the fire that left 43 dead and thousands without homes, we had a week of rain, culminating in the worst winter storm in many years with flooding and destruction. now it's once again a blue sky and warmer wind. but it is definately winter. or as much it can be winter in the middle east. the light has changed, the air is different.
it feels good.

and now i'll go and get some christmas shopping done. it's going to be a low key holdiay, but still, no christmas without a little bit of spending, right?


  1. Yes, life is so ironic and sad sometimes. Sorry to hear about the fire and the storm and those people.
    And happy to hear that life is going on again.
    the inside-outside photos are great, my dear. xo

  2. Sorry the weather has been so bad where you live.

  3. :( Sorry about the weather. But I'm sure you'll still have a very merry Christmas!

  4. A fire and THEN a flood. It is ironic and sad. Why?