Monday, January 10, 2011

good things

strawberry season. winter. it still gets me happily confused. like kiwis in december, tomatoes in the spring, and the sweet smell of apple trees blooming in the fall.

we are only a few weeks away from our first potato batch of the year. the pecans are still to be found, and the avocados are also in season now. i found some on the ground in one of the avocado groves around the village (and i figured it was ok i took them home). and we're still enjoying eating our olives too. sweet. not to mention the pumpkin treats.

whatever the season, rain or shine, are there good things happening around you right now?

happy week to ya'll


  1. when i was in israel it was what they call winter, it was orange/tangerine season. it took me a while to get over it =) but to have your own olives, avocados and stuff like that must be heaven on earth... don't you miss the cold, fresh air sometimes? or snow? can you still enjoy the sun?

  2. Your strawberries look very tasty and remind me of the warm months are ahead on this cold day. xo

  3. It's strawberry season? That's so nice! They looks delicious!!
    Happy New Year to you Trinsch!

  4. I would have never thought that your season would come earlier. This world is an interesting one!

    So now... does that mean it's jam season too? I'm smiling!

  5. homemade sourdough. pickled lemons. the guys brewed their own beer. tasty but weak. hopefully the next batch will get better. cheese from the milk of our local goats.
    we are eating so well in the north. and plenty of it is locally produced. that makes me happy right now, sitting on a cold floor in tel aviv, far from those yummy things.

  6. Oh!... I can't believe it!
    enjoy, lucky you ;-)
    happy 2011 !!!

  7. ooooooooooohhhhhhh, all sounds amazing and delicious. we try to eat locally with the seasons, and i tell ya, not any fresh fruit going on this time of year. all canned/frozen/preserved! :)

  8. ok, totally salivating. no strawberries in sight around here- unless we want them flown in from california or mexico. but, so glad to see that you get to enjoy them where you are.

  9. Today a small snow blizzard hit NYC and our office thought it best to work from home. That's pretty sweet :)
    Also love snuggling in the winter with my hubby who finally just came home from israel.

  10. here is franche canadian play called "des fraise en janvier" (strawberries in January). I envy you o much!!!