Friday, January 7, 2011

inside :: outside

those pumpkins are huge. we got a few from the neighbor and passed around to family. my mom is here and she made some amazing pumpkin-ginger jam and marinated sweet pumpkin.

i took the last bit, baked it and made puree for a nutmeg, clove and cinnamon spiced pumpkin pie. i've never made pumpkin pie, but it's a favorite. i mean, how can anyone not love something smooth and creamy with those spices inside?


last year i started a 365 - a photo a day project - on flickr. i made it to 150 before i finally gave up. too much pressure. this year i am trying a 52 - a photo a week - instead. because i like the idea of a photographic diary. hopefully this is a challenge that will be easier for me to succeed in.


  1. I haven't yet had my fill of baked pumpkin things this season. I think you inspired me to do something about that this weekend :^)

  2. nice idea.
    this pie sounds amazing,
    is it savory or sweet though?

  3. i've never seen pumpkins that color! is it a different variety or is are they grey before they turn orange?