Friday, January 7, 2011

sculls and magic

our last day in denmark. and yes, it took me a good while to post these. i'm afraid i cannot keep track of my own life these days, not to mention document it here or on flickr.

i love this museum - zoologisk museum. it's perfect for kids: they can run on their own without getting lost due to great floor layout, and everything they can touch, they're allowed to touch. there are amazing things to see for all ages, and well, i just love myself a good scull. luckily, the kids do too.

we went there with my cousin on december 26. needles to say we had it pretty much to ourselves on. so one of the staff pulled out the weirdest deep-sea creatures for us to have a closer look at.


it's been raining the last few days, and this morning there was the most wonderful rainbow stretching over the fields. we could see it from one end to the other. it was amazing. i told the kids it was a sign that this day would be magic. and i told myself that sometimes you just need a rainbow to remember that.

wishing you a magic weekend.


  1. so happy with the rain. and it fits my winter mood, which is not yet over.
    i hope this weekend will be magical. or at least calm and sweet.

    YES! lets find a date in 2011. hopefully in the near part of the new year.

  2. and to you... loving the intensity and wonder here.

  3. What a great visit at the museum for curious little boys, and what a beautiful description of the rainbow, and the thoughts it brought.

  4. oh, i was in that museum when i was a kid! is the big icebear still sitting in the entrence? and do they still have the shark baby in a glas? i'll move to copenhagen soon, so i will have a chance to go there again =)